The computer-guided implantology is completely digitalised work process which offers

– Optimal accuracy and complete forecasting, from virtual planning to immediate timing
– Precision and safety
– Effective surgical protocol
– Minimizing the time spent on the dental chair and the number of visits
– Virtual case planning

Following the world trends in the concept of minimally invasive dentistry, obtaining maximum precision, as well as ensuring maximum patient safety EDG has equipped its laboratories with special digital technology that meets all world standards for quality, precision and efficiency.

Our highly trained team of dentists and dental technicians virtually plans implant-prosthetic preparations, especially essential in moments of immediate loads, narrow interdental spaces, toothless jaws with problematic alveolar ridges as well as for fine aesthetic solutions. All prosthetic solutions applied to implants are made using CAD / CAM and 3D PRINT technology.

Virtual case planning is of great importance for every patient as well as the dentist because it greatly reduces the error rate at work, and at the same time increases patient safety. More importantly, each implant that is applied is prosthetically planned and it is exactly known what the aesthetic outcome of the treatment will be.

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