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Dr. Tome Tasevski
Dr. Tome TasevskiPrimarius Dr., Perio & Implant specialist, AAP (American Academy of Periodontology) member, MBA (Master of Business & Administration), Laser Dentist
Dr. Stipica Popovski
Dr. Stipica PopovskiProf. Dr. Sci PhD, Orthodontist
Dr. Riste Panajotu
Dr. Riste PanajotuDDS, Endodontist, Style Italiano Silver Member, Laser Dentist
Dr. Darko Stamenkovski
Dr. Darko StamenkovskiDDS, DSD Master
Dr. Tome Karkalashev
Dr. Tome KarkalashevDDS, Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Gjorge Gudev
Dr. Gjorge GudevDDS, Endodonist
Dr. Katerina Taneva Semenpeeva
Dr. Katerina Taneva SemenpeevaDDS, Oral Health Specialist, Laser Dentist