Orthero, offering the lastest technology of esthetic orthodontic, is a treatment method without metal braces that align your teeth step by step with smart, personalized made, and invisible aligners.

Orthero aligner can be easily removed and placed back any time since they are not fixed to the teeth like metal braces.

Orthero Advantages over Metal Braces

  • Completely invisible: Even your closest friends and relations will not notice them.
  • Treatment without pain: You will not have any pain as in metal braces treatment
  • Flexible Usage: You can simply not wear them on your special days.
  • %100 Bio Material: No effect on your mouth health.
  • Quick Start: Through our speedy 3D analysis and production processes you can start treatment within 15 days.
  • Affordable: We offer affordable prices for Orthero treatment
  • Easy and confortable use for teenagers
  • Your voice and speaking will not be affected.

Your doctor will examine your problem and create your case from Orthero Portal Software.

We design the treatment plan with 3D analysis simulation regarding the diagnosis and demands of your doctor

Your personalized Orthero aligners are produced with 3D Printers specifically for you. Your doctor apply them and start your treatment.

Under control of the doctor, regular use of Orthero will align your teeths to their ideal position succesfully.

If you are a eligible patient for Orthero treatment, your teeth imressions, Xray and detailed teeth photos will be sent to Orthero Center by your doctor. Your teeth impressions will be scanned by 3D Scanners with 8 micron high precision to digitalize.

Your digital teeth impression will be analyzed by our expert team to create your 3D treatment plan. 3D simulation showing step by step teeth movements, will be sent to your doctor. You can check this simulation with your doctor and see how your smile will look like after treatment. Who doesn’t want to see the final result before starting the treatment?

You are about to have the ideal smile in 3D simulation. Your personalized produced aligners will be delivered to your doctor. As long as you regularly use aligner minimum 20 hours per day, you can start to next step in every 2 week. By every new aligner you start, you will get one step closer to your perfect smile.


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