Sensitive teeth can really change your lifestyle and take the pleasure out of enjoying ice cream, cold beverages and certain treats. Tooth sensitivity is manifested when ingesting cold or hot drinks and foods, exposing teeth to cold air, in case of damaged nerves or various oral diseases.

There are some sensitivity toothpastes that can help, and there are dental treatments utilizing bonding and sealants that can help tremendously but their effect may be temporary. If you suffer from prolonged tooth sensitivity, mild or severe, you should consider modern treatment solutions.

The inexpensive and conservative way to treat that annoying sensitive spot is with the use of a dental laser. Just a few minutes with a laser waved over that sensitive area will diminish or eliminate that source of discomfort for a couple of years in most cases. The effects are immediate, and no anesthesia is necessary. When applied to the dentin and pulp the laser suppresses the potential of the nerve fibres by eliminating the tubules. It is felt that laser treatment reduces sensitivity by coagulation of protein without altering the surface of the dentin. Laser desensitization can give an immediate relief from sensitive teeth and can be done without any anesthesia.

LiteTouch is the best choice of Erbium laser for reducing sensitivity as it melts the tooth surface which occludes the dentinal tubules and eliminates sensitivity for long time.

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