Healthy, beautiful teeth are not just a decisive part of our appearance but also of our personality. An aesthetic dental appearance is synonymous for success, vigour and attractiveness.

An immaculate white smile stands for health, beauty and success. Studies have shown that white teeth are important for professional and private success. Bright healthy teeth make people appear youthful, vibrant and attractive. In the course of one’s life it can happen that teeth become discoloured and don’t look bright and shiny anymore, even though they are being cleaned regularly and thoroughly. Тeeth whitening can brighten discoloured teeth. With a simple and painless treatment your teeth become bright and attractive again. Our materials and equipment are always up to date through continuing training measures and will conscientiously so that you can show your most beautiful smile again.

Range of Services

We offer different methods for tooth whitening. For all treatments we take care to achieve the best results, using the most modern techniques and materials, without damaging the tooth substance.

The teeth whitening gel is directly applied to the teeth to be whitened by the treating staff and it remains there according to the usage instructions under the supervision of the dentist. The use of the best system of the American company BEYOND further intensifies the whitening effect.

For this method, we manufacture an individual plastic splint. To do this we make an impression and create a cast. The splint is filled with teeth whitening gel by the patient according to the instructions of the dentist and for use at home. During weekly check-ups the dentist examines the whitening result. For best results we offer you whitening products from Beyond. More info on

Teeth are whitening from the inside. The teeth whitening gel is left on the tooth for several days. For an optimal result, the treatment should be repeated several times.

Important Information: The results vary by individual. For best results we provide counselling. More on info perioshop.mk


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