Dental treatments without the sound of drilling and without vibrations – laser technology makes them possible. In addition, the treatments are almost painless. The range of possible applications is wide.

The use of the newest laser technology enables many innovative treatment methods in dentistry. Lasers can be effectively used for a variety of diseases: for root canal treatment, as well as for periodontal problems, for dental bleaching and for the treatment of sensitive teeth. Our dentist for Laser Dentistry is always up to date. For treating patients we don’t use only our expertise but also the most modern dental lasers, whose beams of coherent light produces different effects in various types of tissue. This explains the wide application range of laser dentistry.

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Modern dentistry would be unthinkable without laser technology. It complements existing forms of treatment and enables completely new therapeutic approaches

With laser light caries can be removed very precisely and without the sound of drilling and without vibration. For most people, the treatment is almost painless.

Children are among the most sensitive patients. With the almost painless laser treatment, their fear of dental treatment can be dispelled, so that they will not be afraid of going to the dentist regularly as adults.

Laser increases the effectiveness of bleaching gels used for teeth whitening. In this way, better results can be achieved in a shorter period of time, which is better for the tooth substance.

Over-sensitive teeth react to cold and heat, sweet and sour. A frequent cause are exposed tooth necks, ill-fitting crowns or a too thin enamel layer, so that stimuli can reach the nerves and cause pain there.

Oral soft tissue can be removed by lasers without almost any bleeding because the laser simultaneously closes the cut areas. Suturing the wounds is then frequently unnecessary and the laser’s anti-inflammatory effect speeds up the healing.

With laser usage, the vitality of teeth that do not react to cold can be tested. Laser-assisted treatment of Inflammations in the oral cavity. Laser light has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

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